Flat Monofilament Lace

MHRW International

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Flat Monofilament Lace

Flat Monofilament Lace material is used to build your own wig. Incredibly strong and of the highest quality. 

When monofilament material is undercoated using EasyTAB Compound the hair on the hair side of your wig or hairpiece will look just like the hair is growing from skin. What is very special about undercoating your wig or hairpiece hairline or perimeter using EasyTAB Compound is that you can add hair in the undercoated areas if desired or necessary.

TIP:  When creating a wig or hairpiece using a lighter colored hair creating a dark background on the wig block behind the monofilament material is recommended. The dark colored background allows you control the hair density much easier when ventilating hair.

14" x 14"