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If you are looking for a quality Lace Front Wig, that is better than those Chinese Lace Front Wigs you've been buying, look no further... we can help you!

Most factory-made wigs are very poor quality and they last but a few months.

Quality hand-made wigs are so expensive most women cannot afford them.

Therefore, your only alternative is to learn how to make them yourself and we can easily teach you how to do that - right in the privacy of your own home from your computer.

MHRW is a Global supplier of professional wig making training videos and Programs. We also sell everything necessary for making Lace Front Wigs or Women's and Men's Hair Systems!


Featured products

Small Wire Wig Comb

The Small Wire Wig Comb is a '7' tooth wig comb that may be used for securing a women's Wig to hair.
From $0.45

SuperTape Contours

THE standard for holding power in the Hair Enhancement Industry.