Learn the ventilating technique so you can make and maintain your own wigs or hairpieces.

Hairpiece Wig Making Ventilating Technique

Below are the 'four' basic Ventilating Steps required to learn the Ventilating Technique. The technique is done in one continuious movement (No stopping and starting.) . If you do not understand how ventilating is done after reading this tutorial, please consider ordering our Wig Making Training DVD for guidence.


Hairpiece Wig Making Basic Ventilating Technique

Below are the '4' Basic Steps required to learn how to ventilate hair. You must lean to do this in a continuous motion without starting and stopping:
With the foundation secured to a Head Block and seated with the Head Block between your thighs, and positioned for ventilating hair in desired direction...
  •  Insert the needle through the foundation material where desired.
  • As the needle passes through the material; pull it back enough to hook the hole were entered; push it up through the next hole while simultaneously turning it facing upward.
  • Hook 1 or more hairs to the needle hook.
footnote::= Hooking 2 or 3 hairs (while practicing) will make them stronger and will eliminate them from breaking.

Step 2.

After hooking hair to the needle hook...After hooking hair to the needle hook...

  • Pull the hooked hair back through the foundation material.
footnote::= STOP approximately 1/2" - after passing back through foundation material.  Very Important: Keeping pressure at back of needle to avoid hooking the foundation material.
  • Allow 'HAIR' in hair supply hand to slide through your fingers, but keep pressure on hair so it does not fall off the needle.
footnote::= Keep the hair tension tight while doing the complete process to eliminate the hair from coming undone or from falling off the needle hook- but don't let go... yet!

Step 3.

With hair drawn back through foundation material about 1/2".

Push the NEEDLE slightly forward towards the hair-supply hand, about 1/2", and then STOP.

 WRAP the hair around the needle end (clockwise) while repositioning hair supply hand ( at 12 o'clock) to ensure hair remains on needle  end.

Twist Ventilator Tool 'counter clockwise' between your fingers while pulling hair back though loop that was created.



Step 4.

To tighten each hair knot...

After knot has been tied:
  • Pinch END of hair between fingers and gently pull hair to snug-up each knot.
footnote::= To insure knots are tight... simply pull on hair to tighten knots.


LOOK at this... see how natural a custom hand-made men's Hairpiece looks:
 We hope this information is helpful!

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