Creating a Hair System

Welcome to the MHRW Tutorial

 This tutorial provides information regarding the MHRW 3-Step Wig Making Process of which may be used for designing and creating any type of custom men's hairpiece, women's wig or hair system desired.
Before you start this tour, please allow me to explain what is featured in this tutorial:
This tutorial explains what the MHRW Wig Making Training Program teaches. It is imperative that you understand everything about the MHRW 3-step wig making process. This process allows you to custom design and create any type wig, hairpiece, hair system, mustache, beard, and even eyebrows, desired.
All you need to get started when creating a new custom Men's Hairpiece or a Women's Hair System is a Hairpiece Foundation and some quality Bulk Human Hair.

Now you can learn how to make Men's Hairpieces, African American Lace Front Wigs, Hair Replacement Systems, Toupees, 100% Human Hair Extensions, Hair Weaving, Hair Braiding, Indian Virgin Remy Hair Instant Extension and even Mustaches and Beards, if desired.
We sell Wig Making Kits supplies, and tools for making Wigs and Hairpieces, keratin adhesive (hot melt adhesive) for Hair Extensions and doing hair fusion; and, many other products that are not available at Hair Replacement businesses like the Hair Club for Men, Ferrel's, or Apollo.

The examples shown in this tutorial may be used for creating both Men's Hairpiece and Women's Wigs.



 These are the tools, supplies, hair, and accessories you will need for making and maintaining your Men's Hairpiece or Women's Lace Front Wig.




Next, you must choose a hairstyle for the Hairpiece or Lace Front Wig you wish to create.



 To create a Men's Hairpiece or Women's Lace Front Wig, first you must design the Hairpiece or Lace Front Wig you wish to create.

  1. Place the foundation over the bald area of your head where you wish to design your Men's Hairpiece or Women's Lace Front Wig to cover.
  2. Draw an outline to match the bald area where you wish your Men's Hairpiece or Women's Lace Front Wig to cover.
  3. Ventilate hair to the foundation within the outlined area, in the necessary direction and density,to create your desired Men's Hairpiece or Women's Lace Front Wig.

footnote: The only difference when creating a Women's Lace Front Wig is you start at the rear neck hairline and work towards the top crown area, and then, start at the front hairline are and finish your Wig the same way a Men's Hairpiece is created.


Tape Tab System

 Creating A Tape Tab System On a Men's Hairpiece

Now, you must apply the Tape Tab System to the front hairline area of your Lace Front Wig or Hairpiece you have created.

This is easily done...
  1. Remove ventilated foundation from the head block, were it was attached for ventilating.
  2. Brush the EasyTAB Compound along the underside edge of the foundation.  (Approximately 3/4" from edge towards center of piece.)
  3. After the EasyTAB Compound has dried completely:
    Cut away the excess material along outside edge of outline (where hair has been ventilated to the foundation) to reveal your finished wig or hair piece.

    *The same process is used for undercoating Women's Lace Front Wig to stop hair from being pull out of the front hairline when removing Toupee Tape or doing adhesive cleanup.



 Hairpiece Wig Making Basic Ventilating Technique

Below are the '4' Basic Steps required to learn how to ventilate hair. You must lean to do this in a continuous motion without starting and stopping:
With the foundation secured to a Head Block and seated with the Head Block between your thighs, and positioned for ventilating hair in desired direction...
  •  Insert the needle through the foundation material where desired.
  • As the needle passes through the material; pull it back enough to hook the hole were entered; push it up through the next hole while simultaneously turning it facing upward.
  • Hook 1 or more hairs to the needle hook.
footnote::= Hooking 2 or 3 hairs (while practicing) will make them stronger and will eliminate them from breaking.


Step 2.

After hooking hair to the needle hook...

  • Pull the hooked hair back through the foundation material.
footnote::= STOP approximately 1/2" - after passing back through foundation material.  Very Important: Keeping pressure at back of needle to avoid hooking the foundation material.
  • Allow 'HAIR' in hair supply hand to slide through your fingers, but keep pressure on hair so it does not fall off the needle.
footnote::= Keep the hair tension tight while doing the complete process to eliminate the hair from coming undone or from falling off the needle hook- but don't let go... yet!


Step 3.


With hair drawn back through foundation material about 1/2":
  • PUSH the NEEDLE slightly forward towards the hair-supply hand - about 1/2" and then STOP.
  • WRAP the hair around the needle end (clockwise) while repositioning hair supply hand ( at 12 o'clock) to ensure hair remains on needle end.
  • Twist Ventilator Tool 'counter clockwise' between your fingers while pulling hair back though loop that was created.



Step 4.


To tighten each hair knot...

After knot has been tied:
  • Pinch END of hair between fingers and gently pull hair to snug-up each knot.
footnote::= To insure knots are tight... simply pull on hair to tighten knots.

LOOK at this... see how natural a hand-made custom Men's Hairpiece looks: 

 We hope this information is helpful! 

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