MHRW Hair System Training Kit

The MHRW Hairpiece Training Kit provides the most advanced, inexpensive wig making training available worldwide. Train from your computer in the privacy of your own home.
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MHRW Head Block
Ventilator Holder & three Needles
Five Monofilament Hairpiece Foundations (for making a men's hairpiece or women's hair system)
EasyTAB Compound
Rubber Tension Band
Wig T-pins Comb & Scissors
Hairstyling Duck Clips
Starter Bonding Tape Supply
A four ounce hair weft

A $280 value for only $199.95! And you receive a FREE MHRW Wig Making Training program on USB Flash Drive!!
A total value of over $350 - yours for only $199.95

MHRW Hair System Training Kit provides everything you need to get started at learning and making your first men's Hairpiece or women's Hair System, including a Monofilament Hairpiece Foundation (See list in 'Kit Contents'.) Training is easy, simply insert the MHRW Wig Making Training Program Flash Drive and choose from the 26 different wig making training and maintenance categories to start your training.

Customer's claim after they have learned how to make their own wigs they have also used their training to create men's partial hairpieces, mustaches, beards; women's wigs, hair systems, add-on hair pieces, hair extensions, and even eye brows.

For those of you who collect Dolls, you'll love being able to design and create custom Doll Wigs too, like over 300 member's of a women's doll club who used the MHRW Wig Making Training Program to learn how to make custom doll wigs for their antique dolls.

MHRW Hairpiece/Hair System Process
Unlike the Old Wig Making Processes, the MHRW Wig Making Process teaches you how to design and create any type of hair system desired. The Old Wig Making Process requires creating the Wig Caps or Hairpiece Foundations yourself; the MHRW Wig Making Process teaches you how to create them using factory made Wig Caps or Hairpiece Foundations.

It is very important when creating a Hairpiece or Hair System that you use a well designed Hairpiece/Hair System Foundation that is made with a non-stretch monofilment material, so you are able to create an invisible natural looking front hairline.

Hairpiece Construction Options
When creating a Hairpiece you have the option to order your hair supply from MHRW or from anyone else desired.


Picture of MHRW Hairpiece Training Kit with Flash Drive
MHRW Hairpiece Training Kit with Flash Drive

This MHRW Wig Making Training Kit provides you with everything you will need, including our new Wig Making Training Program on a USB Flash Drive.  


Picture of Wig Making Training Flash Drive
Flash Drive

 Kit includes:

  • Training Program on a 4GB Reusable Flash Drive 
  • Professional Head Block 
  • Ventilating Holder & Needle
  • Five Monofilament foundations
  • EasyTAB Compound 
  • Wig T-pins 
  • Comb & Scissors 
  • Hairstyling Duck Clips
  • Starter Bonding Tape Supply  


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$199.95 (USD)
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