Small Wire Wig Combs

The Small Wire Wig Comb is a '7' tooth wig comb that may be used for securing a women's Wig to hair.
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The Small Wire Wig Combs '7' tooth may be used securing a women's Wig to your own hair. Simply position and sew them to underside edge of your wig where desired.  Not sold in stores!

The more of them used... the better the hold!


        Quantity:   1
        Size:          1.1/2" Wide x 1.1/8" High
        Color:        black (only)

Instructions for use

  1. Sew to underside edge of Wig perimeter.  
Wig Combs - Wire Small
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Product reviews
sturdy but thin
The 7 toothed wire comb measures 4 x 3 cm (1.5x1.25") and is made of thin material that grips very well on your hair. The comb is flexible, so you have to sew the opposite sides of the teeth tightly together on your hairpiece, to keep the teeth in place. You will get 1 comb per 1 ordered item so be sure to order the total number you want.
These are definitely better than plastic tiara headbands cut into pieces, mainly because the thinner metal grips your hair so much better, and the material is stronger.
I can't find these combs anywhere else, so I order them all the way from Europe.

From: Guest | Created on: 2/1/2011 6:36 AM

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