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Links to various web site offering products and services.

Amazingly... Yasmin made the Lace Front Wig she is wearing in less than ten hours with just five ounces of weft human hair.

Three reasons why you can SAVE THOUSANDS making your own wigs or hairpieces.

Creating this Lace Front Wig can easily be done in less then 10 hours using the MHRW weft & strand-by-strand wig making method.

Creating this custom men's Hairpiece, or a women's Hair System, can easily be done in approximately 25 to 35 hours using the MHRW strand-by-strand ventilating method.

How to get started at making women's Lace Front Wigs, Full Lace Wigs; or a men's Hairpieces or women's Hair Systems.

This tutorial provides information regarding the MHRW 3-Step Wig Making Process of which may be used for designing and creating any type of custom men's hairpiece, women's wig or hair system desired.

Learn about the Tools and Supplies required for making women's add-on wigs.

Make Your Own Wig/Hairpiece

  Preparing A Wig For Wearing

You can SAVE THOUSAND$ making and maintaining your own custom women's Lace Front Wigs or men's Hairpieces.

Steps you should know about preparing your wig/hairpiece for wearing and so it will last much longer.

How to remove a women's wig/men's hairpiece to avoid damage.

 How to properly shampoo a wig/hairpiece to avoid damage.

Learn the ventilating technique so you can make and maintain your own wigs or hairpieces.

Creating your own hand-made weft may be necessary for various reasons.

What you should know about FRENCH and SWISS LACE Wig Caps.

  What you should know about Human Hair Coloring.

SuperTape is the only 'double-sided bonding tape' on the market that provides secure bonding for 40 days with 'NO MELTDOWN.'

  What you should know about FRENCH and SWISS LACE Wig Caps.

What you should know about bonding tapes.

 What you should know about Extented Wear Wig Bonding.

What you should know before you secure your Wig or Hairpiece for wearing.

 What you should know about Track Bonding a men's hairpiece to hair.

What you should know about skin care.

 What you should know about makeup.

The 13 most popular hair colors available in Weft & Bulk Human Hair.

Check out the 'celebrities' and the beautiful wigs & hair systems they're wearing.


  Everything you must know about women's DIY Hair Extensions.



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