Wig bonding adhesives are available in basically three basic compositions: Petroleum, Silicon, and Water Based. Provided below are the best quality wig and hairpiece bonding adhesives available for securing a women's Wig or a men's Hairpiece. They are formulated to provide various bonding periods ranging from 1 to 40 days. The most popular extended wear adhesives are Secure, Vapon 'NO TAPE' and UltraHold Adhesive.

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Knot My problem

Picture of Knot My problem
Secures knots and creates a long-lasting invisible seal that is permanently flexible!

$19.50 (USD)

Secure Silicon Adhesive

Picture of Secure Silicon Adhesive
Secure Adhesive is a clear silicone based adhesive that may be used for securing a wig or hairpiece for up to 6 weeks.

$12.75 (USD)

Carotene Hot-Melt Adhesive Sticks

Picture of Carotene Hot-Melt Adhesive Sticks
Carotene Hot-Melt Adhesive Sticks may be used for securing Hair Extensions or Weft hair to hair.

$24.95 (USD)

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