THREE REASONS Why You Should Make Your Own women's Lace Front Wigs or men's Hairpieces

Three Reasons why you can SAVE THOUSAND$

You can save thousands on each Wig or Hairpiece you create and they'll last you a lot longer than any factory-made wig when you know how to maintain them the right way.

Reason #1

Reason #1

Compared to the hundreds or thousands paid for a women's Lace Front Wig or a men's Hairpiece at a Wig Shop, you can easily make them yourself for a fraction of the retail cost. All you need to make any desired wig or hairpiece is the wig/hairpiece cap and some quality human hair. How long a wig or hairpiece will last is based upon the quality of the hair used to create a wig or hairpiece. How long the wig or hairpiece lasts is based upon how you do the required maintenance on them. All types of human hair when properly maintained can last years, however, adding new hair to your wig/hairpiece regularly does make a huge difference with how good it looks and how long they can be worn.

Reason #2

Reason #2

Hair Replacement Centers and Hair Clubs are currently charging hourly rates up to $200.00 an hour for maintenance work (adding new hair) on wigs and hairpieces!

You can save hundreds on maintenance by maintaining your wig or hairpiece yourself.  All you need are the tools and some quality human hair. Once you've learned how to create your own Wig/Hairpiece, you'll then be qualified to easily do the maintenance on them as well. Maintenance on a wig or hairpiece is normally just adding a little hair 'here and there' to keep them looking healthy and natural looking.

Reason #3

Reason #3

If the first two reasons did not spark your interest; than this reason should certainly motivate you!

Not only will you SAVE money each time you create a custom Wig or Hairpiece, but you can also earn some extra income by starting a highly profitable part-time or full-time home based business.  Yes, there are millions of young men and women who are potential customer's for a Lace Front Wig or a Hairpiece. And you can easily establish a lucrative business creating anWIG MAKING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY

Earn extra income by starting a highly profitable part-time or full-time Home Based Business making and maintaining Lace Front Wigs and Hairpieces for friends and acquaintances who suffer from hair loss.

Because Lace Front Wigs are so popular and the easiest way for a women to upgrade her appearance is why you should start a part-time or full-time Home Based Wig Making Business. Making and maintaining Lace Front Wigs or Hairpieces is one of the hottest and profitable business opportunities worldwide. Below is an approximate estimate of your potential customer's.

There are approximately:

  • 6 billion people worldwide
  • 3 billion are women
  • 1.4 billion are potential customer's for a Men's or Women's Hair System
  • 1 billion are potential customer's for a Women's Lace Front Wig

 You decide which is would be best for you:

  • Becoming a cosmetologist can cost over $10,000.00 and it takes approximately 10 months training in a cosmetology class.
  • Becoming a professional wig maker cost $400.00 and takes just a week or two to learn.d maintaining custom women's Lace Front Wigs or men's Hairpieces for them.

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We hope this information is helpful!

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