SuperTape 'No Meltdown' Tape

You don't want this to happen to YOU during an important event... or any other time!


As you can see in the photo of Beyonce, she had 'ADHESIVE MELTDOWN' when sweat penetrated the bonding adhesive on her. This could have been avoided - if Beyonce would have used SuperTape to secure her wig. SuperTape is specially formulated to resist oil in sweat and it PREVENTS MELTDOWN from occurring! wig, where a large blister formed on her temple, while she was singing and dancing.

Only you can prevent MELTDOWN on your wig or hairpiece!

SuperTape is the only double sided bonding tape on the market that provides secure bonding for 40 days with NO MELTDOWN when a wig/hairpiece is properly prepared for bonding.

SuperTape is a specially formulated extended wear bonding tape that is highly recommended for securing a women's Lace Front Wig or men's Hairpiece. It is available in all popular shapes and roll sizes required for securing a wig or hairpiece for wearing. To properly prepare a Lace Front Wig or Hairpiece for bonding, it is recommended be undercoated in all bonding areas using EasyTAB Compound.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (#1= lowest bonding strength). SuperTape is ranked #5+. (The best tape available for extended wear bonding.)

  • STRONGEST Wig Bonding Tape available.
  • Better than Wig Bonding Adhesive.
  • Bonds up to 40 days with NO MELTDOWN.
  • Bonds to Monofilament or Polyurethane.
  • Skin safe "Medical Grade"
  • Secures Hair Extensions, Mustaches, or Beards.
  • Eliminates gooey, messy residue clean-up.
  • Waterproof.
  • Odorless.
  • Dries clear.

Bonds beyond EXPECTATIONS!!!


We hope this information is helpful!

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